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Our AI

Poultry Farming Solutions Made Possible By Artificial Intelligence

Predict and Preempt
Disease In Your Flock

We use support vector machines (SVMs) to closely monitor flock health, letting you detect diseases such as bird flu, hock burn, and ascites before they spread to the rest of your flock.

Our algorithms can identify the onset of diseases through the aid of machine vision, while also providing data for preventative measures through breeding or nutrition.

Optimize Living Conditions For Your Flock

Heat stress can cause a chicken’s body to enter survival mode, stunting growth and resulting in a smaller, inferior product. We build solutions to bypass the necessity for manually monitoring heat stress in chickens.

Our smart systems monitor temperature, humidity, and ventilation, while adjusting to maintain optimal growth conditions for your flock.

Automate Tedious
Tasks With Accuracy

Replace labor-intensive tasks with scalable alternatives. We build our machine learning algorithms for pattern recognition, reducing the need to do tedious tasks by hand.

Determine gender, weight, health, and aggression levels of your flock without ever stepping foot in your broiler houses.

Working Toward A More Sustainable Future

Sustainability is more than just making sure there is enough. We take a holistic approach to securing the future of our industry and our communities.

Join Us In Becoming
Farming Forward

We’re farmers, engineers, software developers, and
statisticians who understand the importance of moving
the poultry farming industry forward. Not just for us, but
for everyone.

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