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Working Toward A More
Sustainable Future

Better Food

By the use of artificial intelligence, we strive to raise healthier and more bountiful flock yields, providing more and better food for everybody.

Better Care

Our values define our culture and how we operate our farms. These values extend to how we treat the animals we raise. In our mission for better sustainability, our smart systems enable us to better care for our flock's well being.

Better Efficiency

We value the use of smart technologies to increase efficiency and sustainability in farming. Better efficiency means better products for our communities. We have evaluated every process in our workflow to achieve a system that pushes farming forward.

Better Security

We embrace a sustainable culture that focuses on reducing food insecurity in Canada. Achieving greater efficiency means eliminating excess waste, reducing energy, water, and pollution to serve our communities a sustainable and healthy product.

Artificial Intelligence
As The Way Forward

As demand for poultry continues to grow, our answer to sustainability resides in achieving greater efficiency. Through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and machine vision, we can raise healthier chickens and provide a better product for our communities.

For us, sustainability means improving animal welfare and process efficiency to enable a better and more bountiful product.

Join Us In Becoming
Farming Forward

We’re farmers, engineers, software developers, and
statisticians who understand the importance of moving
the poultry farming industry forward. Not just for us, but
for everyone.

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